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Café do Paraíso was founded on the belief that companies have the power to be the change we want to see in the world. Which is why we’ve made it our goal to become the most transparent and environmentally sustainable coffee company in the world, and to use strategic charitable giving campaigns to educate consumers and help them to be the change; all while producing the best specialty coffee you’ve ever tasted.



All our coffees are roasted with love by hand in our Las Vegas roasting facility and marked with a unique roasting date. We believe the best flavors come when you combine a great love for coffee with a passion for building a deeper understanding of the science of growing, storing, roasting, and brewing coffee.

All of our coffees are sourced from the most sustainable farms we can find, some through direct trade with the farm, and others through farms & sustainable coops that produce coffee using Fair Trade, Organic, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, and other sustainable and ethical processes.  We also try to buy only the highest quality specialty grade coffees to give you the most delicious coffee experience possible along with the knowledge that you’re helping build a more just and sustainable world. We will never stop striving to be the most sustainable and ethical coffee company possible to be worthy of your support when you Vote With Your Dollars for our products.

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When companies are fully transparent about their sourcing and manufacturing processes consumers are empowered to make truly informed buying decisions.  This leads to positive market shifts, rewarding companies that are working hard to make the world a better place. Every dollar you spend consciously in this way is a powerful vote which when added up can have a massive positive impact in the world. We want to help make voting for us easy!  Making a difference never tasted so good.

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Making a difference never tasted so good.



We only import coffee that follows our ethical coffee guidelines and is traceable to its source.  When you order from us you can be sure you’re getting the most ethically produced coffee possible.




One of Café do Paraíso’s core values, aside from Quality and Sustainability, is Giving Back. We donate $1 for every pound of coffee sold to non-profits for Education, fifty cents to the U.S. and fifty cents to the country of origin. The money donated for coffee purchased in Nevada will go directly towards funding Outdoor School Garden Classroom Programs in Las Vegas through Green Our Planet.

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$1 from every pound of retail coffee sold goes to education charities!


Every time you buy something you are making a decision that affects the entire world.  Sign up to join our community, get coffee updates and hear more about how we can change the world together!