Mabel Hoggard Magnet School in Las Vegas is selected as recipient of Café do Paraíso’s non-profit proceeds to benefit Education in Nevada creating and refurbishing sustainable school gardens.

After our announcement last week that we’d be teaming up with Green Our Planet we’ve spent a lot of time learning about and discussing one elementary school in particular which seemed to be the perfect school to receive the proceeds from the sale of our delicious coffee. Mabel Hoggard Magnet School was selected because its existing garden, which is over 20 years old, is in need of repairs and will serve as a powerful model to show other schools and the community the many benefits that school gardens have on education in Las Vegas schools. To begin, our goal is to help Hoggard Magnet School raise $3,500 in donations to complete the first major phase of garden refurbishment with new soil and raised planters. Check out the video below.

Support the garden by Donating or Buying our Coffee today!

So, we’re now proud to officially announce that for every pound of coffee Café do Paraíso sells in the state of Nevada, fifty cents will be donated to the Mabel Hoggard Magnet School’s garden refurbishment campaign. Our long-term goal is to help every school in Nevada have fully funded and financially self-sustaining gardens which pay for themselves through the sale of vegetables and micro-greens at farmer’s markets and other distribution channels.

Recently, we had the pleasure of visiting the elementary school along with Ciara Byrne, the Co-CEO of Green Our Planet, where together we met the school’s principal Dr. Celese Rayford, along with several teachers and students for a tour of their garden and collection of 100+ on-campus animals. The students were both eager and excited to talk about the animals at the school which they take turns feeding and caring for. We got to see and touch many various lizards, birds, snakes, tortoises, rodents, and our favorite of all a sugar glider! We discussed how the animals and gardens played a very important role in the science and math curriculum at the school and how beneficial the refurbishment would be since the garden is now producing a fraction of what it used to.

Mabel Hoggard Elementary has developed an outdoor life science program for their first through fifth grade students. Each year has an important role in the garden from planting, harvesting, to feeding their 100+ animals with vegetables from their garden!

The goal is not just to be able to grow again but to ensure a healthy thriving garden for years that teaches students biology AND also brings the school seasonal revenue in order for them to have a self-sustaining garden program. And since we are based in here in Las Vegas, Nevada, we will plan to visit the campus on a regular basis to support and track their progress!

You can help make this fundraiser a success by donating directly to the garden campaign on Green Our Planet HERE. You can also support by buying our delicious specialty CLARO BLEND Coffee HERE.
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