Las Vegas, NV – Café do Paraíso, a specialty coffee roasting startup company, announced that Mabel Hoggard Magnet School will receive 50 cents for every pound of coffee sold in Nevada as the first step in its support of local non-profit Green Our Planet as part of its commitment of “$1 per lb donation to Education”.

The announcement comes days after Café do Paraíso made public its commitment to support Green Our Planet’s work building and supporting school gardens in Nevada.  To help kick-start the fundraising efforts for the school garden at Mabel Hoggard Magnet School, Green Our Planet has launched a fundraiser on its website to raise $3,500 for the first round of garden improvements at the school. The garden is one of the oldest school gardens in Las Vegas and now its 20 year old soil and wood frames are in need of replacement. Since March of 2013, Green Our Planet has funded and helped install 20 gardens at schools around the Las Vegas valley.

“Hoggard Magnet School is perfect for this kind of project, we can have a really big impact here and help this school’s garden flourish again and help it become truly sustainable. This can become an example for other schools to build on and help promote garden classrooms in more Las Vegas schools.” says Café do Paraíso’s founder Owen Carver.

Mabel Hoggard Elementary has developed an outdoor life science program for their first through fifth grade students. Each year has an important role in the garden from planting, harvesting, to feeding their 100+ animals with vegetables from their garden. Mabel Hoggard Elementary has one of the largest animal collection of any school in the state of Nevada. The soil for their garden needs to be completely replaced and a new watering system needs to be installed in order to have a healthy and thriving garden once again. The outdoor life science program teaches students important aspects of science, biology, horticulture, nutrition, and teamwork.

Money raised will also go to professional maintenance of the garden once it is up and running. Professionals from Garden Farms of Las Vegas, who will do the refurbishment, will come in periodically and act as guest speakers as they do their regular upkeep while teaching students about their garden.

“Our goal is to be the change I want to see in the world. And improving education is the most powerful way to change the world”, says Carver.

There are 2 ways to contribute to the garden, by direct donation at Green Our Planet’s website http://greenourplanet.org/mh/, and by purchasing delicious coffee at Café do Paraíso’s website https://cafedoparaiso.com.

Read more about Café do Paraíso’s visit to Mabel Hoggard Elementary here: https://cafedoparaiso.com/giving-back-mabel-hoggard-magnet-school-garden-fundraiser-project/

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Owen Carver and Hoggard Elementary

Hoggard Elementary February 2014

Hoggard Elementary February 2014 garden3

Hoggard Elementary February 2014 garden2

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