One of our core values here at Café do Paraíso is Sustainability, so of course we had to make sure that even our coffee packaging was as environmentally friendly as possible.

Claro Blend WholeOur bags themselves are made of Biotrē Film, which was developed by Pacific Bag Inc. The coffee bag is made up of 60% biodegradable materials made from renewable resources such as wood pulp and can break down within a few months in a backyard composter. The remaining 40% of the bag is a Polyethylene (PE) Plastic from fossil fuels with an additive designed to make it breakdown over five to ten years, reducing its impact on the waste stream compared to standard PE.

Our labels themselves are manufactured in the USA, primarily made from corn stalks, and are also biodegradable after 16 weeks in an industrial composter. These labels are printed by Plan It Green Printing a company that working to develop the best earth friendly printing solutions possible.

The only thing on our bag that is not biodegradable is the plastic gas release valve which keeps the coffee fresh by allowing gas out but not in. A greener alternative to that plastic valve is in the works, but for now we ask that you simply remove and recycle the plastic valve with your regular plastic recycling by cutting out the valve with scissors before placing the bag in your backyard compost. We also include a metal coffee clip for you to reuse either to close up your bag or once you’ve finished your coffee bag you can use it to close other bags or to clip house hold items together. (If you re-order another bag of coffee from us, you can tell us not to include another metal clip with your new order by stating you don’t need another coffee clip in the NOTES section of your re-order.)


We are on a mission to become the greenest coffee company possible and we hope you join in and do your part for the planet as well.

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