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Press Release – Specialty Coffee Roaster, Café do Paraíso is Launching

Drink Coffee, Inspire Others, Change the World
Quality, Sustainability, and Giving Back. Café do Paraíso makes drinking specialty coffee an act of social good.

Everyone in the US now has the chance to try a high-quality and sustainable new specialty coffee and experience the taste of being part of a new network for social. Las Vegas’ newest coffee roasting brand Café do Paraíso is launching with an important mission: the donation of $1 for every pound of coffee sold, split evenly between local Education charities in the U.S. where it’s purchased and an Education charity in the country where the beans were grown.

One of Café do Paraíso’s core values, aside from Quality and Sustainability, is Giving Back. Idealized by its founder and owner Owen Carver, a social impact entrepreneur, community organizer and activist, Café do Paraíso comes not only to offer delicious sustainably & ethically produced specialty coffee, but to make a significant positive financial impact on local education everywhere it’s purchased and to inspire everyone to take action and be the change they wish to see in the world.

“Creating amazing delicious specialty coffee that is top notch and hand roasted is amazing. It can be the pinnacle of culinary excellence. But it’s not enough for me. We are only our best when we are also empowering our customers to realize the power they have to change the world when they vote with their dollars for sustainable social businesses that give back in their own communities and when they themselves take action to make the world a better place”, Owen Carver describes his motivations for creating a social impact coffee company.

Café do Paraíso was founded on the belief that companies have the power to be the change we need to see in the world and that it’s possible for a specialty coffee company to make a major positive impact on communities all over the world while creating the tastiest cup of specialty coffee its customers have ever had.

Café do Paraíso samples a wide variety of coffees from around the world and only selects the most delicious and unique coffees to use in final production. These coffees are hand selected by the owner and sample roasted in their warehouse to determine which coffees will bring to life the best flavors and experiences the global sustainable coffee market has to offer. Café do Paraíso coffee beans are then carefully roasted by hand in their Las Vegas Coffee Roasting Warehouse located just off “The Strip” in Las Vegas Nevada to maximize the unique flavor profile of each unique coffee and ensure they create the best specialty coffee possible. After roasting and cooling, their beans are immediately bagged and prepared for shipping. By the time each order reaches your home they will have rested for 12-24 hours to achieve optimal flavor before brewing. Every bag of coffee beans will have a “Roasted on” date. Beans should ideally be consumed within 2 weeks of delivery and ground only immediately before brewing.

Café do Paraíso’s commitment to environmental sustainability is a critical part of its business model so everything was done to make sure that its coffee beans, coffee sourcing, production processes, and packaging was as environmentally friendly as possible. Café do Paraíso bags are made from Biotrē Film, which was developed by Pacific Bag Inc. Each coffee bag is made up of 60% biodegradable materials made from renewable resources such as wood pulp and can break down within a few months in a backyard composter. The remaining 40% of the bag is a Polyethylene (PE) Plastic from fossil fuels with an additive designed to make it breakdown over five to ten years, reducing its impact on the waste stream compared to standard PE. The plastic gas release valve on each bag is recyclable. Café do Paraíso also source its beans only from ethical farms where it’s possible to maintain traceability of the source and an be confident in the farm’s commitment to environmental or other ethical standards. Which includes Direct Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic, Fair Trade, UTZ, beyond organic, sustainable coops, or other sustainable farming practices.

“We need to inspire people to realize that they themselves can make a huge positive impact in their communities by sharing stories of others in their same city who are taking action to make their community better”, Owen Carver says.

Local Heroes – Café do Paraíso likes to encourage everyone to become the change they want to see in the world. This is why they include a Local HEROES card in every order. Café do Paraíso is looking for more local hero stories and want to help support and promote community leaders everywhere.

Every card tells the story of a regular person who is doing something truly inspiring and positive for their community or making a positive impact in someone’s life. Anyone can be nominated for or nominate someone else as a new Local Hero on Café do Paraíso’s official website ( by telling stories about creating a positive community impact. The goal of Local Heroes is to inspire everyone to realize how easy it is to change the world in their own communities and to give them the knowledge and connections to be able to get involved with existing projects or start one themselves.

Green Our Planet – Green Our Planet is a non-profit organization founded by documentary filmmakers and conservationists Kim MacQuarrie and Ciara Byrne in March 2013. It is a crowd funding website ( that raises money for green projects locally, nationally, and worldwide. In Las Vegas, Green Our Planet uses its crowdfunding platform to make their Outdoor Garden Classroom Program possible, a program that raises money for and installs vegetable teaching gardens in K-12 schools across the Clark County School District (CCSD). Since March of 2013, Green Our Planet has funded and helped install 120 gardens at schools around the Las Vegas valley. The Outdoor Garden Classrooms allow students hands-on learning in a variety of subjects, including math, science, nutrition, and conservation. In many studies across the United States, teaching in school gardens has been proven to increase test scores and help students understand where their food comes from as well as lead to an increase in the consumption of vegetables by students and an increase in awareness about environmental issues. Since March 2013, Green Our Planet has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for CCSD schools, including raising money for a homeless shelter in Carson City so that it could go solar. The money donated by Café do Paraíso will go directly towards funding Outdoor School Garden Classrooms in Nevada schools.
Arcah – Arcah is a Brazilian organization whose vision is to offer quality support to social projects and businesses focused on reducing and, where possible, eradicating homelessness through programs developed from productive educational occupational therapy on self-sustaining permaculture farms.

Café do Paraíso is currently looking for education non-profits, and Local Heroes in all other U.S. states. For more information or to suggest a non-profit please visit

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