December 19th 2013 was a very exciting day for all of us here at Café do Paraíso as that was our first shipment day for our CLARO BLEND coffee!

Everything fell in place during the days leading up to our first roasting and shipping date.

12/17 Our biodegradable packaging arrived on schedule!

12/18 Coffee beans were released from Costums in time for us to roast our first batch at KLATCH roasting company in California.
CdP-1st-shipment-coffee-beans CdP-1st-shipment-roasting-klatchCdP-1st-shipment-3

12/19 And Thursday afternoon was a busy day for everyone in our Las Vegas office, as we packaged labeled and ground our beans for our first pre-order customers!

Our founder Owen Carver says of that day:

Fulfilling our first 30 orders was a lot of fun and hard work trying to get all the coffee ground using just a small home grinder and finding out how to label and bag everything properly. We still have over a hundred pounds of roasted coffee here that we’re still in the process of bagging up.

We ended up buying a used industrial coffee grinder off Craigslist in Vegas soon after. 😉

Thank You to everyone who ordered from our very first batch of our CLARO BLEND coffee!!! We hope you enjoyed it enough to become a new loyal customer!

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