$1 For Education

One of our core values, aside from quality and sustainability, is giving back. We donate $1 for every pound of coffee sold retail to Education non-profits, fifty cents to the U.S. and fifty cents to the country of origin.

Local Heroes

Here at Café do Paraíso, we like to encourage everyone to become the change they want to see in the world. This is why we include a Local HEROES card with each of our coffee bags in every order. We are looking for more local hero stories and want to help support community leaders everywhere and would like to include several Local HEROES story cards with every order.


Our commitment to environmental sustainability is  a critical part of our business model so we made sure that our coffee packaging was as environmentally friendly as possible.

Our bags themselves are made of Biotrē Film, which was developed by Pacific Bag Inc. The coffee bag is made up of 60% biodegradable materials made from renewable resources such as wood pulp and can break down within a few months in a backyard composter. The remaining 40% of the bag is a Polyethylene (PE) Plastic from fossil fuels with an additive designed to make it breakdown over five to ten years, reducing its impact on the waste stream compared to standard PE.