CdP-vegas-seven-owen-carverEntrepreneur Seeks Social Change With Sustainable Coffee Sales

Morning wakeup meets global shakeup for this hopeful local startup
PUBLISHED 12/17/2013
By Al Mancini


Walking into Owen Carver’s Summerlin home on a Thursday morning, the scent of freshly brewed coffee permeates the air. Considering that the house doubles as headquarters for his Web design company, All in Web Pro, where a staff of four are frantically toiling over laptops, that’s not surprising. A glance into the kitchen, however, confirms that coffee isn’t simply a caffeine supply for this team. Alongside a sparkling new coffeemaker sit a half-dozen or so premium coffees. In front of them is a stack of grading sheets, allowing for each to be judged on fragrance, flavor, aftertaste, acidity and mouth feel, with 12-25 descriptive choices in each category. These people are clearly serious about coffee, and they should be. They’re about to go into the coffee business—with aspirations much greater than simply making a great cup of joe.

On December 19, Carver was set to start shipping online orders of Café do Paraíso, Vegas’ own boutique coffee company. The beans are imported directly from his friend Gisele Montans, whose family owns a coffee farm in Brazil. And he recently took a five-day roasting course in Upland, California, taught by Klatch’s Mike Perry, one of the top 10 roasters in the U.S., in order to roast the beans himself.

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